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Razor Cutting 101

Learn how to hold the tool, sculpt with it, take weight out and how to carve the perfect curtain bangs and shags to soft layers and French bobs!

*Mannequin class only


Dream Curls

In this class, we will combine dry cutting and razor cutting to achieve big bouncy, and beautiful Curls while bringing an opportunity to customize your curly cutting techniques for each client each time

*Live Model learning


Combo Class

Learn all the tips and tricks of the trade including razor cutting, and dry cutting to create anything from the coolest shags & mullets to the prettiest French bob and curtain bangs. It's all about the tools and techniques!

*Model or Mannequin

Pricing starts at $1,500

All classes require students  bring their cutting tools including a razor with blades. 

*Discount for Salon or Group classes and education. 


Past Classes

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