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Natural Beauty

Jikaiah's Product Picks


This texture spray acts as a salt spray but without the sulfates, buildup or crunch! Perfect for a Shag haircut, curls, or beach waves.


Spray in wet or dry to hands or directly into hair and scrunch up! Air dry or diffuse to add extra volume, curl, and texture


Cleanses and restores natural ph to the hair within 30 days without using shampoo or sulfates. Great for thick, coarse, or curly hair.


make sure to get the brush scrubber or use one of your own to cleanse and massage the scalp thoroughly to remove excess product and dead skin cell build-up.


Curly hair dream cream!


apply 1-2 pumps evenly to hands then starting root to tip pull through and twist curls. Airdry or diffuse for extra bounce. DONT TOUCH during the drying process. once dry use a Hair Pic and loosen fluff curls starting at the roots for volume.


Dry shampoo & Extreme volumizer


Lift up the top layer of hair and poof in 1-2 sprays. Then take fingers and mush and fluff around roots and watch oils disappear and hair and height grow massive in volume!  Do Not spray on top or exposed layers of hair

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